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Do you ever get frustrated because your virgin hair weave doesn’t seem to last long enough? You’ve invested money on your weave and you’d like to keep it a bit longer, but it may not look as good as you’d like it to look after a while. Luckily, there are certain things you can do to preserve the overall appearance of your weave, keeping it in the best condition possible for a longer period. No matter how much you end up spending, it’s important for you to get the most out of what you’ve spent your money on, which is why you should follow some of these simple yet helpful tips.

Use a Weft Sealer

Many people who’ve been wearing weaves for years don’t know how important it is for them to seal the wefts. If you use a weft sealer, your weave may last much longer. You can find this type of products online and at various departments stores, including Walmart.

Don’t Trim the Wefts

Some people think it’s a good idea to trim the wefts to improve the look of the weave, but this is something that can work against you. It could make the hair shed at a faster pace, thus resulting in a thin looking weave that isn’t full, voluminous, or as beautiful as it was at first. Rather than trimming those wefts, consider flipping the tracks to see if that helps.

Don’t Go Crazy With the Styling Tools

If you were to use a hot styling tool every single day, such as a flat iron or curling iron, your natural hair would quickly become damaged. Don’t think your weave is any different. It’s perfectly fine to want to style your weave with different tools, but don’t use heat all the time. Using too much heat can cause damage to your weave and destroy its appearance while causing a lot of unwanted breakages.

Avoid Washing Too Often

While you can wash your weave, it doesn’t need to get washed nearly as much as your natural hair needs to get washed. If you feel like it has a smell to it, washing it is fine. However, you shouldn’t overdo the weave washing because too much shampoo can cause the weave to look dry and dull. You can even stick to washing your weave with conditioner only instead of using shampoo.

Keep an Eye on the Dye

Some people like bleaching and dying weave because they want to test out different colors and that is perfectly fine, but you shouldn’t use too much dye. If you’re dying your weave every week, you’re going to damage it, and it’s definitely not going to last nearly as long as you’d like it to last.

These tips can help you keep your weave looking amazing for a long time. If you’re following these tips, you should quickly see an improvement.…

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Welcome to my virgin hair blog

Women wear weaves, extensions, wigs, and clip-ins for a reason. Some do it for protective styling, ease of care, bad hair days, or just for fun. With the many types and variations of hair extensions in the market today, almost everyone is covered. The exciting thing about weaves and hair extensions is that they aren’t just made for the black woman – it crosses beyond the ethnic line. Discussed below are some of the reasons women wear hair extensions.

1. For protection:

Whether you lead a busy life or simply want to leave your hair untouched, virgin hair extensions, like the ones from Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair, are the perfect remedy for just that. You, however, need to be gentle not to put an unnecessary strain on your hair. You can even choose to use wigs and crotchet braids to help keep your natural hair protected a no styling is needed.

2. To cover up:

Most women wear hair extensions to cover up a hair styling gone wrong, sudden hair loss, bad dye job, and other emergencies related to hair care. All one needs is a wig to cover up the mess until she figures out a solution for the same.

3. Vacation:

No one will in their right minds want to deal with hair styling and such when vacationing. Putting on a wig gives you all the freedom you need while at the beach, hence never have to worry about your hair getting damaged.

4. Style change:

Changing hairstyles can be risky to your hair, and especially where heat styling, cutting, and shaping is involved. To avoid unnecessary damage to your hair, you can try these shaping and styling techniques on hair extensions. You can then opt for the best style change after trying out a few on wigs and weaves.

5. To experiment with color:

According to this virgin hair company, colored extensions provide a way to experiment with color without necessarily dyeing your hair. This mainly comes in handy for women that love rocking different themes (including hair color) on separate occasions. Dyeing your hair with all the color combinations will only damage it in the long run. Using colored extensions, on the other hand, prevents damage to the same.

Hair extensions are not for everyone, especially Italians! You, however, can try out a few in particular situations to avoid messing your beloved hair.

Wondering how to care for your lace front wig? Be sure to read my 360 lace frontal wig care article!…

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